Business Resilience ~ Business Continuity ~ Disaster Recovery ~ HIPAA


In recent years the increased frequency and magnitude of natural, man-made or cyber disruptions have caused organizations to evaluate their abilities to properly identify threats, analyze the risk and then implement plans to avoid or recover from events.


At Covington & Associates, we approach Business Resiliency a bit differently from other organizations.  Altogether too often we determine that Business Resiliency and or Business Continuity is the "Ugly Step-Child" of an organization and as such, key executive crisis team members are involved, but "Not" committed to the success of the plan.  


Thus, we first meet with the team to determine plan requirements and emphasize the level of commitment needed to ensure successful recoveries.  We emphasize the importance of commitment from both, the stockholder and legal liability perspectives.  Next, we focus on ensuring that your Business Continuity Plan is closely integrated with your Crisis Management Plan. Traditionally siloed response areas become clear, defined and aligned; meaning you can recover and adjust easily to any disruption or crisis. Next, we validate the plans so that we know what works, what doesn’t and where the greatest vulnerabilities exist.  Our goal is to have your customer experience available when your clients need you the most.

By developing and strengthening your business resiliency program you are demonstrating to customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders that you are aware of the risks and are invested in protecting life, stockholder investment & your business reputation no matter what happens.

Covington & Associates, LLC is a select group of highly experienced,  Business Resiliency Business Continuity and Risk professionals who have assisted organizations throughout the world in every aspect of developing business resiliency/continuity management programs, reducing organizational risk, and increasing operational resilience. Our three decades of diversified experience is called upon in each consulting engagement to provide unique solutions that fit our customers’ business requirement