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Our Executive Staff

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Francis A. Covington

Senior Executive Consultant

Business Resilience, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery & HIPAA


John E. Barnes

Eastern Regional

Vice President

Business Development


Don S. Stoneham

Western Regional Director,

Business & Strategic Planning

Francis A. Covington, MBA - is an accomplished professional with more than thirty-five plus years in Business and Executive Management.  His background includes executive management positions in IBM, NCR, SunGard/ComDISCO Disaster Recovery Services, Seagate Technologies, and Northrop Grumman.


Francis and his team were strategic in building the Western Region for SunGard Disaster Recovery Services and during that time pioneered Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions within the Fortune 500.  During his tenure, he was involved in the Business Continuity and Planning efforts for more than three hundred major organizations in Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Government.  He managed many major clients through actual disasters including the San Francisco Earthquake, and multiple hurricanes.

In developing Covington & Associates, LLC, my goal remains to bring customer service back to this industry.  We are building an organization that is accountable to our clients and it is my business philosophy that we earn our clients business each and every day. We have assembled a team of professionals that all focus on you - Our Customer. To that end - we provide many services

AT-NO-CHARGE, in an effort to assist you in meeting your business goals with an eye on our firm as your partner in success."

~ Strategic Product Marketing & Management

~ New Business Development

~ Business Continuity Planning


Expertise in designing and developing modules for organizational management, disaster recovery and business continuity.


Responsible for driving sales of business resiliency and disaster recovery software portfolio and managing customer relations to maximize technology investments and accelerate company technological innovation.


Proven ability to mentor and guide cross-functional teams to actualize concepts, achieve goals, and profitably.


Possess a unique blend of hands-on technical experience and business acumen to develop and implement business models and strategic plans. 


Engaged and developed strategic marketing plans for business growth opportunities. Used analytical approach to optimize marketing effectiveness to increase consumer engagement


Able to drive business growth and enable essential business processes through leveraging software and hardware technologies.

~ Strategic Product Marketing & Management

~ New Business Development

~ Strategic Planning and Strategy


Don is a Leader in this  rapidly changing Information Technology environment.  He focuses on the convergence of breakthrough scientific innovation, digital advancements and increasing global access to  new business models.   These advancements offer promise for substantial improvement in customer interaction and have opened up new opportunities for our clients.


Don  is a Technology, Quality and Business Management consultant that has performed professional consulting services for over twenty years with Major Corporations and Government agencies.


Don is a three-time nationally recognized financial and technical redesign leader; he has presented his efficiency plans to dozens of leading Commercial and Government agencies.

Don has served as a:

State of CA-DGS Small Business Council Representative

Procurement Advisor to the 14  State of California - Small Business Development Centers

Director  - Western Regional Minority Development Council {WRMSBDC}

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Our Company


Covington & Associates, LLC (C&A) is a tenured company founded by owner, Francis A. Covington.  Mr. Covington has been in the business of providing Business Resilience Solutions, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery planning services, Technical and Consulting solutions to government and commercial organizations for over thirty years.  Much of this time was spent as an executive with several Fortune 100 companies including; IBM, NCR, and Northrop Grumman.


Our Staff is made up of top Information Technology professionals (including our owner) that collectively has more than 100 Man-Years of Experience.  The staff is thoroughly versed and experienced in project management, business resilience,  business continuity disaster recovery, HIPAA, and information technology solutions. 


C&A takes the time to learn and fully understand your organization's business objectives.  This allows us to provide you with a detailed analysis of where and how C&A can increase its value to your organization. Our experienced consultants, project managers, and staff are all well versed and experienced in diversified business solutions.


C & A strives to find the best solutions for your organization. Our team has been hand-selected for integrity, ethics, thoroughness, and commitment to service, networking skills, intelligence, and competence; guaranteeing timely delivery of high-quality solutions. Our team prides themselves on meeting or exceeding your business objectives.


    Trusted Globally

Our staff has been trained to act as a consultant to your organization, helping to augment your business needs with a proven track record of success. Our formula is simple; experience, knowledge, and teamwork.  C&A is poised to address your unique needs with our extensive experience in providing top-level business solutions. 

Based in Southern Nevada, we are currently working on professional solutions for projects that span the globe.  Our network is comprised of headquarters offices located in Las Vegas, Nevada and partner offices located in key US cities.

"We are committed to Earning our clients business every day"

Francis A. Covington

Managing Partner