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We at Covington & Associates, LLC (C&A) provide experienced consultants that evaluate your environment and make recommendations based on your needs, our experience and how strategically the new methodology will give you an advantage over your competition.


Strategic planning involves long-term thinking for organizations.  Determining the primary goals for a particular project or determining the direction of the department is both a long and short term initiative with many intermediate steps along the way. Instead of focusing on a single product or business segment, strategic planning looks at an entire project and its progress toward a goal. Covington & Associates, LLC (C&A) helps with this planning process. Our planning consultants approach the process with innovative ideas that result from their many years in successful business endeavors.  


The ways strategic planning can help differs based on the business’s situation. The purpose of the exercise, the age of the organization and the business market in which the organization operates all play a role in the extent and content of strategic planning services. 

These strategic planning consulting sessions often occur in three parts:

  • Assessment: Determining how a business currently functions is the best way to start the strategic planning process, including every aspect of the business in the analysis.

  • Planning: This is the goal-setting part of the process, where the vision of the business is clarified, especially considering information brought up by the assessment step.

  • Execution: Finally, a quantifiable and realistic plan is set up using the information gathered from the assessment and planning sessions.

This process allows C&A to help businesses work toward realistic goals and successfully plan for the future.

The processes we employ allow your company to benefits from our high-quality resources and best-practice solutions that C&A brings to the table. With personalized, hands-on approaches, C&A identifies unique solutions for every business, eliciting the best results possible in both the short and long-term.