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Continuity Software  , In conjunction with its US Partner - Covington & Associates  - the leading providers of service availability risk management solutions, today announced a promotion of its One-Time  "HealthCheck  "  (or StorageGuard Risk Analysis) - "Proof of Concept" solution. This promotion will be honored on all three of the Flagship AvailabilityGuard   Products as follows:  


  • AvailabilityGuard NXG   - Proactive Infrastructure Management - NOW / $25,000*.

  • StorageGuard  - Proactive Data Security Management - NOW / $25,000*.

  • AvailabilityGuard CLOUD - Proactive Cloud Infrastructure Management NOW / $20,000*


All of these solutions detect cross-domain configuration errors across all layers of IT - all the way from the application server to the database, virtual machine (VM), physical infrastructure, storage area network (SAN), network-attached storage (NAS), and clustering - in order to eliminate data loss and business downtime risks.                *Subject to Terms, Conditions, and Limitations



I am a small practitioner (1-2 Doctors). I don't have to worry about HIPAA... WRONG!  You ARE required to have a plan and that plan must be audited annually.  HIPAA Fines can be as much as $10,000 per incident. That means that if just five PHI (Protected Health Information) records are inappropriately revealed you can be fined as much as $50,000.00 for just One Incident.

I bet you also did not know that HIPAA requires you to have a Business Continuity Plan?  Do you have one?

From Now through December 31, 2021, we are offering a one-time Small Practitioners HIPAA Audit, Plan and Business Continuity plan for $2,500. These services are normally $6,000.

Food & Health Contamination & Safety Policy Manual

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Do you need an updated and Approved Crisis Management Plan?

Do you need a updated and Approved Product Recall Manual?

From Now through December 31, 2021, we are offering a one-time Crisis Management Plan and Product Recall Manual for $25,000


Crisis Management Plan

Did you know, that your Business Continuity Plan is Confidential and for Management Eyes Only.  So, how do your employees know what to do in the event of a Crisis? 

This is a reality that many businesses face.  You have this great Business Continuity Plan and not an Employee Plan.  We call the Employee Plan a "Crisis Management Plan".  This Crisis Management Plan is for your employees to know what do when and or if...  It is a Master Document that you take parts out of it to give to your employees to handle situation that may arrive.


Crisis Management Plan?  Do you have one?

From Now through December 31, 2021, we are offering a one-time one-location - Crisis Management plan for $9,700. These services are normally $17,500.