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Business Resilience & Data Security Management


The AvailabilityGuard Resilience Assurance Platform is the industry’s first that can ensure resiliency in a hybrid environment. Its new architecture and design enable risk detection and outage prevention across a range of IT environments, including on-prem datacenter, private cloud, public cloud or any combination of these, as well as support modern IT workloads (Containers, Kubernetes).

The new platform is:

  • Designed for modern workloads; helps prevent downtime, data loss and cyber risks in all environments

  • Based on a new architecture that supports agile business requirements

  • A Unified Platform for Cyber and IT resilience assurance

  • Built with a modern UI that provides a single pane of glass for resilience status

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

Catalyst combines a simple user interface, on-screen help guides, and customizable templates to make the entire business continuity and IT disaster recovery planning life cycle easy and repeatable for every organization – regardless of size, industry, or geography.

From building a business continuity and IT disaster recovery program to managing a live disruptive event, Catalyst has you covered.  Even better, Catalyst automates and streamlines administrative tasks - making your life easier!

  • Enter Data Once, And Done
  • Customize the User Experience
  • Visually Map Dependencies
  • Ensure Information Is Entered Correctly
  • Easily Edit Plans
  • Request Updates Automatically
  • Manage An Incident In Real-Time
  • Connect When it Counts
  • Know Who Did What And When
  • Easily Assign Who Has Access To What