Increase Uptime Availability, And


Manage Security Across the Infrastructure




Reduce Systems Outages and Increase Systems Availability

The Starting Point in IT Systems Integrity is Systems Management and Systems Configuration



 AvailabilityGuardTM and StorageGuardTM

  • Proactively Providing Daily Notifications Allowing, You to KNOW your systems are Secure and Ready To Failover.​

  • Proactively alerting Management, Team Members, and The Help Desk Of Deficiencies Known To Cause Outages.

  • Providing an online color-key'd portal displaying the current status of every system in your environment.  This function will let you use your staff to identify and repair critical system and application issues before they become an outage.

  • Providing you with a Daily Report of all system issues that can cause an outage.  This tool answers the "How Do You Know"

  • Providing you with a Daily Disaster Recovery Report that will tell you if you can meet your RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) or what needs to be to meet them.




Continuity Software’s  StorageGuard™ ensures recovery and backup copies are kept in a secure and isolated manner while meeting cyber recoverability configuration best practices.


StorageGuard provides all of the functionality  of AvailabilityGuard  and automatically analyzes:

  • Adherence to industry cyber recoverability and cyber resilience guidelines

  • Recovery isolation best practices and air gap

  • Adherence to vendor best practices for ransomware protection

  • Access control configuration on production, recovery and backup systems

  • Sufficient retention and immutability of recovery copies

  • Lack of recovery copies and/or failure to meet required RPO

  • RPO/RTO-endangering misconfigurations


Enterprises using our cyber resilience assurance solution have immediate access to updates from our dedicated research team as well as ongoing inputs from other leading enterprises and institutions. Using the StorageGuard solution, you ensure that critical data assets are recoverable – at all times.