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We Help Businesses 

Re-task Their  IT Infrastructure to a Business Resilient State That Will Provide Services For Their Customers

24 X 7 X 365

Always On

Always-On Infrastructure

Prevent Outages Across Your Hybrid IT Infrastructure 


At "Covington" we believe the goal of assuring resilience is becoming ever more complex and difficult. For an enterprise to gain control over the resilience of its IT environment calls for automation and deep knowledge. Our staff has over 100 Man-Years of experience in providing Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Business Resilient solutions.

Data Storage

Compay Data and Data Storage Protection

Storage & backups are the most important assets when it comes to protection from ransomware.
However, industry analysis and our own (
"Covington") research staff tells us that Data Storage is also the only layer of IT not covered by traditional vulnerability management tools.  

Until now…


High Availability Disaster Recovery Services

In the age of the data boom, a good backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution doesn’t just store, protect, and recover information. BDR solutions must scale seamlessly with each organization’s needs in a nimble and cost-effective manner. Yet teams with rapid data growth frequently bump up against physical constraints and rigid systems, forcing them into expanding rack space and the purchase of multiple BDR appliances.


To scale efficiently, organizations need a robust BDR solution that lets them grow, compute and process data separately. IT leaders need a solution that can adapt to their challenges rather than trying to shoehorn their data into rigid pre-molded platforms—a solution that lets them create the best BDR system for their evolving needs.

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