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Continuity Software - is a leader in IT Resilience & Service Availability Assurance. Continuity Software’s award-winning solution enables IT teams to proactively prevent infrastructure outages and data loss incidents. Taking a proactive approach to early detection of IT resiliency risks, allows our customers to mitigate risk by remediation of configuration errors and deviation from policies before they turn into actual costly service incidents.

Founded in 2005 by a team of IT infrastructure and data protection experts, the company is focused on a single mission – helping the world’s leading organizations prevent unplanned IT outages across the entire IT infrastructure – including High Availability, Cloud, and Disaster Recovery (DR) environments.

Today, AvailabilityGuard is trusted by many of the largest and most successful enterprises around the globe, ensuring that service availability, data protection, and business continuity goals are met or exceeded 24/7/365.


Quorum’s all-in-one, easy-to-use, 1-click backup, and instant recovery solution provides mission-critical data protection for all your servers, data and applications.

Quorum’s onQ technology is built to instantly recover your servers, data, and applications in minutes. You can deploy onQ with Quorum’s purpose-built appliances or on your own hardware. Your onQ protection will protect physical, virtual, and any connected data. onQ will replicate your entire data center and provide instant recovery offsite.”