Storage Security Risk Analysis

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More visibility, fewer blind spots


What? - Seriously? - Did you really just say...

"I Think our Data Storage is Secure?"

Don't "Think" - KNOW!!!



Get some peace of mind that your storage and backup systems can withstand ransomware and other attacks targeting your data – with this one-time assessment.

We understand storage. We understand backup. And this assessment will give you complete visibility of your storage blind spots.

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This one-time risk assessment will help you better protect your core data and enable you to make more informed decisions. Here’s how it works:

  • Your storage lab environment will be scanned and analyzed by StorageGuard.

  • Stress-free: The one-time collection of configuration data is performed using agent-less scan technology

  • The scan scope includes multiple vendors and models including Dell EMC, Hitachi, NetApp, IBM, Cisco, Brocade, and Infinidat

  • A report will detail any risks identified and include the corrective steps for remediation

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Get a Comprehensive Storage Data Security Report that will let you know ...


Business Resiliency Management



For businesses, there are a variety of potential disaster scenarios that require preparation. Among the most common of these are Natural Disasters (i.e Fire, Flood, Earthquake, and Weather), Network, Power and System Configuration Outages. 


Fire, flooding, and Weather – disasters can strike at any moment, in many different forms. When companies aren’t prepared, their operations come to a screeching halt—and in many cases, they never *recover.


*More than 40% of businesses will never reopen after a major natural disaster.

[Gartner Group].

Somebody needs to continuously update the plan. Research the latest BC/DR/BR/Security solutions and work with the internal teams on Implementation.  Also, you must test and validate the plan for it to remain current. The list goes on and on.

With so many components to Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Data Security and Business Resiliency planning and implementation… businesses face an important question: Should they manage this critical business function in-house or get help from a third-party specialist? 

This is why it makes more sense for many companies to use an outside firm for Business Resilience Management (BRM).


The BRM services provided by Covington & Associates, LLC (C&A) can vary based on the needs of our clients.  For example, after the plans are developed and the solutions implemented, some companies may require full or part-time staff to meet the challenges of plan currency.  Others may decide that a quarterly review may be sufficient.

Regardless of which components your business needs, there are numerous advantages to using C&A:

  • Cost efficiency: In many cases, it makes more financial sense to outsource these responsibilities rather than to hire additional in-house staff.

  • Expertise: Providers that focus on BR solutions every day will have a greater knowledge of industry changes than in-house staff who only overview their competitors occasionally. Ultimately, this expertise can be the difference between a successful recovery and a failed one.

  • Faster response and recovery: Full-service firms (like C&A) that specialize in BRM understand what’s needed to ensure the fastest recovery possible. From emergency protocols to advanced recovery technologies, they implement systems that ensure a rapid response, in concert with your recovery processes.

  • Disaster Media Management: The C&A staff is trained to handle public media in crisis situations.  This is an area that almost all firms have trouble with, and often make libelous statements to the Press that can cost the company tens of thousands to millions of dollars in subsequent lawsuits.

We contract our Business Resiliency Management services: Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.


HIPAA - Management and Training


HIPAA Management Services

If your organization has access to Protected Health Information (PHI) and or electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI), then you have a Legal Responsibility to protect patient data. The purpose of our HIPAA compliance services is to help ensure that your organization complies with the HIPAA regulations covering the security and privacy of confidential patient data.

Failure to comply with HIPAA regulations can result in substantial fines being issued, possible criminal charges and civil action lawsuits being filed should a breach of any PHI occur. There are also regulations you need to be aware of covering breach reporting to the OCR and the issuing of breach notifications to patients.

Ignorance of HIPAA regulations is not considered to be a justifiable defense by the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Health and Human Services (OCR). The OCR will issue fines for non-compliance regardless of whether the violation was inadvertent or resulted from willful neglect.

Our team was validated for HIPAA compliance solutions in 2001.  This early adopter validation gives us the advantage of having some of the most experienced consultants availability in the industry today.  In working with your organization on HIPAA Compliance issues, our team can provide long and short term solutions.  We offer:

  • Initial HIPAA Audits

  • Follow Up HIPAA Audits

  • HIPAA Plan Development

  • Annual and On-Going HIPAA Plan Maintenance

  • Compliance Training

  • HIPAA Program Management Services

  • HIPAA Solution Tools